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Gum Disease Treatment – The relationships between dental infections and degenerative diseases

December 14, 2006

Another leading factor that causes gum disease is the use of tobacco
products in any form. Research has proven that tobacco use accelerates
the development and progression of gum disease. Are you a tobacco
user? If so, you must “kick the habit” in order to reduce your risk to
gum disease and to eliminate additional illnesses associated with
tobacco products such as heart disease, cancer, and lung disease
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Gum Disease Treatment – Why do people get gum disease?

December 13, 2006

Why Do People Get Gum Disease?

The main reason people get gum disease is because they fail to
administer proper oral hygiene at home. I know you are familiar with
plaque the colorless film that builds up daily around your teeth. Did
you know the bacteria found in plaque produce toxins that will irritate
and inflame your gum area? If you will take time to adequately brush
and floss (twice per day) and see a professional dental care provider
regularly (every 6 months), then you can help to prevent gum disease.
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GumDisease – GumDisease Treatment Resource

December 12, 2006

I would like to share my story and experience with those who need and help in the area of
gum disease, periodontal disease and gingivitis. To eliminate bad breath and canker sore.
and relieve toothache pain instantly. I have been suffering from gum disease and gum infection
for the last 50 years until I found the solution from 8 years ago. The solution I now call
Ultimate Gum Solution™. I have been totally free from any kind of gum disease related problem for the last 8 years. Since my research and the results are related 100% natural nutritional
solution. I have been studying Dr. George Meinig,D.D.S. “Root canal cover-up”.

I have been also reading Dr. Weston Price’s D.D.S. book “Nutrition & Physical Degeneration”.